Tuesday, 21 February 2017

How did Innovation of Grain Vacuums Ease the Grain Storage Process?

Grain storage is a field that has seen numerous technological advancements over the past  20 years, and the systems that are being used are seeing constant improvements. Improving the way that we store grain has allowed for great profit potential, with higher quality grain being produced as a result.

Obviously, there are many aspects of grain storage that need to be considered. From protecting the grain from pests to ensuring the temperature is at the right level and keeping moisture in the bin to a minimum. Grain Vacs, which are growing in popularity among farmers, help with the process of filling and emptying storage bins. This article will go into a few of the reasons they have become such a useful tool.

The Trend Towards Bigger Storage Bins

Over the past 5 years, we are seeing farmers start to prefer bigger and taller grain storage bins, for several reasons. For one thing, they enable farmers to make better use of the land they have, instead of building numerous smaller bins that take up considerably more space. Tower silos also have a very long lifespan and offer perhaps the best protection from pests, given that aeration cooling can be used to regulate moisture and drives insects out.
However, traditionally, large storage bins have been difficult to fill, given their great size. This has made it difficult for some farmers to justify using taller silos, given that grain augers, which essentially act as conveyor belts, simply can’t be used when we’re talking about a 70-foot silo. Some farmers have improvised and cut holes in tall silos, using an auger to half-fill them. However, this obviously doesn't make full use of the height of the silo.

How Grain Vacs Work

Grain vacuum systems offer a solution to this problem, by essentially blowing grain into a bin or truck very quickly and efficiently. Basically, it does this by taking the grain into a tank, where it is separated from the air. The air is taken into another chamber, where it is essentially cleaned and any dust and other bits and pieces are removed. It is then blown out of the airlock, pushing the clean grain out of the van and into a grain bin, silo or truck. It can be used to with al kinds of grain products, including wheat, barley or meadow broad glass.

Other advantages

Some farmers use grain vacs to fill or unload bins not necessarily due to the fact that they are tall, but simple because it’s more efficient. They can be very useful in cleaning out a grain shed or flat bottom silo and essentially clean the grain itself, removing dust and dead weevils in the process. Vacs can also make filling a trailer a much quicker process, which ultimately saves farmers time and money in the long run. They’ve proved advantageous for grain farmers in a variety of different situations and can be used with just about every grain storage solution, so they’re well worth the investment.

As you’ve read, there are a lot of good reasons to invest in a grain vac system, whether you are working with a small grain bin or large silo. For more information on these amazing systems, speak to the team at Advantec today and find a grain vac for sale that works for you.

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