Thursday, 28 January 2016

Here’s Why Precision Farming Technology will Shape the Future of Agriculture

A bright future for humanity lies ahead

Agriculture has gone through many different ages over the years in terms of technological breakthroughs such as improved efficiency and crop management. These improvements have been based on improving farming standards and minimizing losses. But a new age is about to begin, the popular agricultural buzzword of our time, the age of Precision Farming.

Precision farming is mostly about using the latest technologies in maximising your potential crop based on land size, harvesting times, crop management, as well as transportation. For a few years now, drone-like farm machinery has been the dream that would allow farmers to prepare their land and make a harvest with vehicles that have been programmed to autonomously work around the clock. In this article we will focus on some of these hi-tech developments.

Advanced Surveillance System to Boost Efficiency

This new level of detail means that the most advanced technology can be used to incorporate satellite information on your land in terms of satellite images of crop which can be used to observe, measure and make decisions on crop management using an array of imaging processes.

This sort of farming works best on large scale farms where huge numbers of fields are used to grow crops. Satellite images can be used to create photographs of a specific field over a specific amount of time to give you information about the best place to sew your crop, as well as the potential yield of a particular crop planted in a particular area. 

Image Credit: Earth Observatory/NASA

Drones are making a huge mark in farming in recent years for observation and inspection work for farmers, but are now being touted as one of the best tools for precision farming on a mid to large scale. Farming drones are also a much cheaper alternative to using satellite imagery services, as you will be able to purchase outright the complete system.

Agricultural UAV Drones at Your Service!

These latest agricultural drones have the ability to map your land and give you all the necessary data you require to get the best out of your land. Sensors such as visual aids that give you aerial mapping and 3D imaging allow you to create surveys, view your land use, as well as counting your plants, crops and give you an emergency response system for sustainable agriculture harvesting.

Drones will change the whole game in future

Other visual inspections allow you to use infrared as well as other narrow band frequencies to visualise your plant and crop health, assess water quality as well as create a vegetation index calculation. With thermal and LiDAR sensors you will be able to have an in-depth view and record of your crop to give you information that has never been accessible before to maximise crop management on the largest of scales.

Keeping on tabs with your crop is the best way to maximise the precise Australian harvest time for your crop, giving you the best possible chance of minimising crop loss and maximising crop profit. With agricultural drones able to measure plant height, number and health you have the perfect opportunity to create the most efficient farm possible.

How Cost-Effective and Future Proof are These?

In Queensland a trial had taken place to find the cost effectiveness of drone use in the Australian agriculture industry, trialed through a federal government funded pilot scheme. In combination with LandCare and the Australian Controlled Traffic Farming Association, the trial used a number of tools such as photo imaging to view crop health, as well as the presence of weeds and pests in the fields. As more trials take place, it is believed more farmers will want to try out the automated drone systems and allow them to get more data on their crops and land.

The future looks bright for agricultural UAV drones in Australia, with a number of technological breakthroughs which will make the farming industry more efficient and productive. With precision farming leading the way in terms of technology, we will just have to wait and see how long it will be before every farmer employs one of the latest future farming tech drones to grab data from their crops, come harvest time.

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