Sunday, 23 August 2015

Grain Handling Equipment That Improves Efficiency and Saves Money

Grain Handling Equipment

Whilst many farmers would prefer to use methods of grain handling that have been tried and tested for many years, investment in new grain handling equipment can vastly improve productivity and decrease crop loss as you look to the future.

Using older equipment that is bordering on being beyond repair or is simply a hazard to operating may be affecting the overall efficiency of your grain handling, and investing in new machinery can pay dividends for years to come.

If you currently do not have sufficient grain handling equipment to meet your needs, you may want to consider purchasing some of the tops of the line products that have the latest technology under their belt to improve your entire grain and crop harvesting procedure and set you up for years to come.

Get Ready to Upgrade to the Latest Innovations

You’ve come into the market at just the right point to see new developments in grain handling that will help with the day to day tasks required by farmers around the globe.

The advantages of using new equipment are huge, and one of the main reasons why so many farmers upgrade is due to the increased efficiency in how the machinery itself operates.

Mixing, sifting is done much more efficiently by the latest equipment, and processing and packing are done with a mix of manual and automatic procedures to give you the best quality control with less manual labour.

Some of the best grain handling equipment in Australia is currently using specialist treaters that treat seed by means of a gentle drum system instead of a grain auger, which causes less damage during the processing stage.

Minimising Crop Loss and Damage

New separator equipment ensures that the separation process is completed more quickly and accurately during its first processing point; therefore less processing equipment is needed in the long run, saving time, money and plenty of extra unnecessary equipment in the longer term.

When it comes to drying and airing of your grain, there has been a huge leap in the technology behind grain storage and how the grain is treated for fungus, residue and moisture build up. Some of the latest grain storage units contain vertical central columns that are perforated to allow air to be channelled directly to the middle of a grain pile to reduce moisture and crop damage.

Standard grain bin storage hasn’t changed much over the past couple of hundred years, but with new innovations coming onto the market, the loss reduction that the advanced grain storage system allows almost pay for themselves over a few years’ time.

Efficient Grain Augers

Grain augers are one of the necessary tools farmers in the grain industry use to help make the grain storage, movement of grain and transportation preparation easier. Saving countless amounts of time and money in the process, the latest grain augers are available for jobs small and large, and are often scalable in their design in allowing a truly versatile range of uses to suit any size production.

Efficient Grain Augers

From grain vacuums to entire grain handling systems, the world of grain handling equipment has come a long way when in technology and efficiency. The latest equipment offers farmers the chance to improve their production, from minimising crop damage to increasing crop storage life that will have a drastic impact on many farms and industries nationwide.

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