Sunday, 29 November 2015

The Do’s and Don’t for Tractor Radiator Cleaning

Image: Pixabay

Maintenance of all kinds of machinery is the key to extending its lifetime. In the case of a tractor, where good quality models can last for decades, the benefits of keeping yours clean, cared-for and healthy are certainly not to be ignored. Depending on how often it is used, regular servicing is a must, however, there are ways to slow down the wear and tear of the tractor yourself.

A common problem is when the radiator becomes clogged and a tell-tale sign that this has happened is the temperature gauge going through the roof when in use. Given the nature of its work, it’s quite common that the tractor’s radiator accumulate dust, dirt, and debris. Here are some general tips on how to dislodge these items and flushing and caring for the tractor’s radiator: 

Photo by Mobilus In Mobili via Flickr /CC 2.0

Avoid Cleaning the Radiator with a Hose

This tends to simply turn the debris and dirt into mud, which isn’t helping anybody and can actually wind up mixing with the water and going through the radiator, which lessens its effectiveness in cooling the engine.

Instead, Blow them Out

Blowing the debris out with a blast of air is certainly the most effective option. A portable leaf blower can be useful here.

Flushing the System Out Every So Often is a Must

If you feel that the coolant is contaminated, it’s important to ascertain the best flushing option you have depending on the specific problem. Regular maintenance flushes will require you to remove the anti-freeze and pouring the appropriate radiator cleaning solution into the system while the engine is running for 30 mins to an hour. We’d recommend using special radiator flush, which can be purchased at most hardware stores, other options are to use dishwater soap and some people even use vinegar.

Using Reversible Fan is a Bliss

One way of increasing your chances of avoiding problems in the first place is to invest in reversible fans for your system. Like you’d use the blower vac to dislodge debris that builds up, a reversible fan from CleanFix essentially does this as the machine is running. Unlike other fans, which can result in reduced efficiency and subsequent higher running costs, the CleanFix option reverses the air flow in order to create high-pressure blasts to reliably clean your radiator.

The costs of maintaining your radiator can be high and timely, however, all accounts suggest that the reversible fan option requires that tractor owners use significantly less fuel and spend less time to physically cleaning the radiator. If you have any special query then contact Advantec Australasia Pty Ltd (61 2 6056 2822) for more information.


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