Sunday, 6 November 2016

Is It Worth Investing In An Air Ride Hitch for Towing?

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Trailer tow or air ride hitches are becoming more popular for drivers all over Australia, and for good reason. Road safety for all motorists has always been a major concern, and improvements in technologies and greater awareness have succeeded in reducing the road toll.
This is one such technology which despite being a little pricey, is usually worth the investment. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why and how tow hitches work.

What is an Air Ride Hitch?

airsafe hitch, tow hitch, trailer tow hitch
Air Safe Hitch

When towing a trailer, there is always the risk of losing control due to the significantly greater weight. In addition, bumps in the road can be problematic and cause the trailer to bounce around, making it more difficult to control. Part of the reason for this is that without a good hitch, there is a tight, rigid connection between the vehicle and the trailer; when the former hits a bump, the shock is passed to the latter.

An AirSafe Hitch is designed specifically to counter this problem by reducing shock transfer and releasing the tension of the connection between the trailer and vehicle. Where otherwise the trailer would jolt and bounce when a tire hits a bump or pothole in the road, the hitch acts as a ‘ball’ of air that absorbs and spreads the impact of the shock, making it essentially glide over bumps with minimal jolt effect.

There is also a slight reduction in the amount of fuel used given that it improves suspension significantly.

What Are The Benefits?

tow hitch, airsafe hitch, trailer tow hitch
Without Hitch

tow hitch, airsafe hitch, trailer tow hitch
With Hitch

Often the decision on whether to use an air ride or a standard hitch depends on -

  • Driver preference
  • What it is you’re towing

Generally speaking, the improvements in smoothness and stability are noticed a lot more when towing larger trailers and more often than not, drivers with heavier loads will see the return on investment. Many people that use air ride hitches will not use anything else, and indeed once you’ve experienced the benefits it is difficult to go back.

The simple fact is that constant bumps along the road can do costly damage to a trailer, whether it is over a long period of time or one particularly nasty road bump that breaks something. Not to mention the fact that this technology greatly reduces the likelihood that you’ll lose control of the vehicle while on the road, making you safer. Further, there are benefits when you consider that the contents stored in the trailer are significantly safer as well.

There are also often legal benefits that come from the fact that certain trailer manufacturers have in their fine print that damage can only be held under warranty provided you are using certain hitches. Using the state of the art, safest and most reliable trailer tow hitch will ensure you’re looked after in the very unlikely event of damage.

Are They Worth It?

airsafe hitch, trailer tow hitch, tow hitch

Air ride hitches are an investment and represent an extra cost, but when you consider how much a vehicle and trailer are worth to you, it makes sense to put aside a little more to ensure they are protected.
That said, the value of this technology varies from case to case. As mentioned, the benefits are maximised when you are dealing with a heavier load and thus a more rigid pin area.

Some find that there are ways to reinforce their trailer such that the potential damages are minimised, others find that nothing compares to air ride hitch. It really comes down to your specific circumstances and it’s worth having a chat to an expert about your needs. Here are some important trailer towing tips everyone should know.

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