Monday, 26 October 2015

Essential Tips to Improve the Efficiency of Grain Storage Systems

Grain Storage Tips

Grain storage plays a significant role in modern agricultural farming, so getting your storage solution right will lessen your workload, improve your efficiency and reduce crop loss in one go. There are several different grain storage solutions you can employ in grain storage, so choosing the right one for your operation is your key to success.

The moment your crop is ready to be harvested, you have several options available to you to store your grain. Many choose to use grain augers to feed their grain storage systems, as they allow grain gathering from floor height upward. Combined with a grain storage system, you have an efficient tool in keeping your crop fresh and taken care of in a timely manner.

Popular Grain Storage Solutions

One of the most popular grain storage solutions is the traditional grain bin that stores various quantities of grain. Traditionally, these bins allow many tons of grain to be stored in a strong circular grain silo that allows for easy filling, access, and disposal into a transportation vehicle down the line.

Grain Silo

Modern grain storage solutions take into account all of the pit-falls of storing large quantities of grain in a single place, such as tackling the issue of bugs and pests, as well as crop loss due to heat and moisture. Modern grain storage bins tackle these problems head on with innovations such as increased side wall strength and ventilation shafts.

Grain Storage bin

The ventilation shaft reaches from the bottom to the top of the bin, containing ventilation holes that allow the hot air and moisture in the middle of the grain mound to be dispersed through a flue at the top of the storage container itself. This eliminates the need for grain storage rotation and reduces the amount of crop loss for long term grain storage.

Temporary Grain Storage Solutions

Another popular grain storage technique to use when there is a surplus of the crop, or crops need to be stored for short periods of time, such as awaiting transportation. Differing from a permanent structure, these temporary grain storage solutions offer portability, as well as easy management and use. As simple as the large rings that contain the crop are, temporary grain storage rings allow fast assembly and disassembly, offering a powerful tool for farmers during harvest.

Grain Storage Ring

Improve Farming Efficiency

One of the best grain storage tips is to use the combination of these elements to swiftly deal with your crop much faster than previously possible. The combination of the portable grain auger and the grain storage bin allow a highly mobile solution to your grain transportation requirements, allowing you to work alone or as a small team to complete your grain storage tasks in a single swoop.

Grain Auger

Increasing your efficiency on the farm is one of the biggest ways to save money as well as your precious time, leaving you to concentrate on other tasks, as well as getting your grain to sale earlier than possible before. This increase in efficiency allows your crop to reach the point of sale in perfect condition, with a total grain storage solution paying for itself in saved time and crop losses in the long run.

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