Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Understanding Grain Handling Equipment like The Grain Auger

Grain Auger

Stepping up your farming production can be a thrilling experience, leading you to new paths in your farming career. One of the secrets to becoming a more efficient farm is with the addition of equipment that is designed to make your life easier. 

One of the most helpful pieces of equipment for grain handling has to be the grain auger – but what is a grain auger and how does it help? This article will help to define the use of grain auger, swing away auger systems as well as a host of practical uses.

The grain auger is a useful grain handling equipment for moving large amounts of grain at one time. Its best use is for transporting the grain off of the floor from a grain pile using a special type of raising screw that runs through the long frame of the main mechanical unit itself.

An Innovative Elevation Method

This agricultural screw elevator has many practical uses, its main goal being to raise grain from ground level up to the top of a grain bin or grain silo. For this purpose, many different size grain augers are available, ranging from a few meters in length to tens of meters in length.

Conventional Augers

Grain augers are also useful in elevating grain from temporary grain storage sites and onto storage containers positioned on transportation such as trucks or trailers. As the grain auger is able to lift the grain from the ground height, there is an open screw bit that is exposed to the grain, in order to reach the grain from ground level.

Due to their versatility, many grain augers are fitted with their own diesel and hydraulic power plants to offer localized power with no additional input. Many of the big manufacturers offer a range of different grain augers, some of which have trailer capabilities with wheels.

This makes them the ideal portable grain augers, with portable grain elevators now becoming the most sought-after agricultural equipment across the country.

Swing Away Augers

These types of grain auger work on the same principal as their older siblings. Being new innovations in grain elevation, they have a few distinct features that set them apart from the rest. The first feature of a swing away auger is the ease of use and the speed in which grain can be elevated to a taller grain storage unit.

Swing Away Augers

Swing away augers offer a reverse scissor lift system that allows the auger to be raised via its own hydraulic system and be placed in the field to gather the grain. With self-levelling sensors and extendable axle width, you can trust the ultimate stability of this type of auger to get the job done without any issue.

auger hogs

With a new range of auger hogs now available, your farming efficiency will be vastly improved, giving you more time to get other jobs done. Advantec systems are designed to work in combination with each other to get your grain from the field to its storage, improving your process and efficiency. With a range of innovative products in grain handling, this season could be your biggest season yet!