Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Some Necessary Tips to Grain Vacuum Maintenance

Grain management is considered to be one of the most time-consuming and essential parts of the production process in the farming industry. Cutting the time you take to load a grain storage unit or transfer for transportation will increase your efficiency and speed up the process of your daily routine, saving your time, money and effort overall.

To keep your REM GrainVAC equipment in great shape, you should perform the following maintenance on a regular basis:

Regularly Change Blower Oil

REM grain vacuum products require certain types of oil to run efficiently and without issues. You must take care to read the distinct serial number tag which is displayed on the blower which recommends the type of oil you require. You should change the oil every 100 hours of activity.

Check That Blower Isn’t Overheating

It is important to regularly check that the blower is not overheating, by using the blower for the amount of time as recommended in the products usage documentation. You should always let the machine cool down completely if it has overheated, and allow the system to recover.

Taking Care of Safety Screen

The safety screen on your GrainVAC should never be removed while the machine is in operation, but if there is a build-up on the screen to the point where it has become opaque, the machine should be shut down and cleaned when finishing operations. To save you this effort, run the machine at a lower rate to avoid build-up on the screen.

Keeping the Vacuum at Full Power

If you find that your REM GrainVAC VRX is not sucking as it may have once used to, there are regular maintenance checks you can make to ensure it keeps its maximum suction abilities. Quickly check that all gaskets are in good working condition and that all inspection hatches and doors are closed. Check for any air leaks in your piping and also for any obstructions that may be blocking the pipes.

GrainVac Radiator Cleaning Solution

As grain vacuums shift huge capacities of grain every hour, keeping the radiator and air intake fans clean is one of the best ways to improve the overall efficiency of the machine, keeping it in top shape.

Normally, shutting down the machine and performing a take-down is the last solution you need due to extended downtime of the machine, but with a reversible fan such as the CLEANFIX fan, you can simply reverse the suction to blow out all of the debris from the radiator, saving you hours of laborious time.

Choosing A Modern GrainVAC System

Many of the older models of grain handling equipment suffered from reliability issues in the past, modern grain vacuum systems such as the REM GrainVAC VRX has been totally redesigned to improve reliability, efficiency, and more capacity when in use. These top of the line machines, such as the REM 3700 Grain Vac provides improved functions for grain handling and in many cases provides a complete replacement of typical grain auger use.

The efficiency of the REM grain vacuum solutions not only apply to the huge capacity in which these machines can move grain, but also these energy savings apply to manpower in the way that cleaning and maintenance are reduced thanks to its reversible CleanFix fan system - as well as the initial investment.

Grain vacuum systems also reduce the time you need to spend inside a grain bin, making them a much safer alternative to both small-scale solutions, as well as the use of grain auger systems and their own issues. Modern grain vacuums such as the REM systems are the preferred choice when it comes to value for money, capacity, and efficiency for the modern farmer. Advantec Australasia is one of the prominent grain handling equipment providers in Victoria, Australia. With our award winning PRBM raised bed management system, we are renowned for providing efficient grain management solution in Australia. Head to our web page to learn about our product and offering.

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